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Il Panettone Del Pasticcere Fiasconaro Al Vecchio Samperi

Vecchio Samperi like a perfume for Fiasconaro’s panettone and D&G design

Vecchio Samperi becomes a perfume. Delicious things happen, when our perpetual wine meets Fiasconaro’s panettone and Dolce&Gabbana’s design.

Thanks to the collaboration with the famous Sicilian Pastry Chef, Nicola Fiasconaro, and the Italian designer Dolce&Gabbana, a panettone (the typical Italian Christmas cake) featuring our Vecchio Samperi will be soon released.

Our perpetual wine, Vecchio Samperi, is used in the dough and for the candied fruits of the panettone, and it will be a complement to it, bottled on purpose in a special flask featuring a vaporizer, so that the wine can be used to perfume the cake.

The project was presented on September 20th, at the D&G flagship store in Milan, in Corso Venezia, during last Milan Fashion Week.

The little flask of Vecchio Samperi (only 30 g), in the shape of a “food perfume”, is used to spray the wine on the cake and brighten its flavours up (because the part used during the cooking process is quite completely lost).

On the other hand, the boxes containing the typical panettone are inspired to the colourful traditional Sicilian carts, and are designed on purpose for the Fiasconaro’s project by Dolce&Gabbana, and are part of the Italian designer line called “Sicily is My Love”. This is the second year of collaboration featuring special edition’s panettone, using only traditional Sicilian ingredients.

The collaboration represents a one of a kind artistic and sensorial game, of course, Made in Sicily!

The panettone and its Sicilian “counterparts” will be available before Christmas in the D&G flagship stores of London, since October 31st, and Milan since November 14th.

The only video available, explaining the project in detail, by the Nicola Fiasconaro himself, is in Italian only (and can be found at the following link).


photo © Dolce&Gabbana

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