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Locandina VinNatur Tasting 2019

VinNatur Tasting 2019

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VinNatur Tasting 2019, the new name for the former Villa Favorita wine tasting event, offers a structured tasting journey that allows you to study or learn about natural wines: it represents, indeed, the most important showcase of natural wine in Europe, both in number of exhibitors and visitors.

The 16th edition of the event brings together over 180 Italian and European wine producers members of the VinNatur association, and aims to share experiences and techniques to produce wine in a natural way, both in the vineyard and in the cellar, and to spread the culture of terroir. The exhibition will be held in the brand new venue of Margraf Showroom in Gambellara (province of Vicenza), on April 6-8, from 10 am to 6 pm.

Here each visitor will not only taste and directly buy the wines of each vintner, but also, and above all, meet, know and speak directly with the producers themselves. This year, you will find us at table number 2D.

Image © VinNatur

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