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When intuition flirts with the ‘territory’
In 1990 Marco took another bold step, without wanting to up-end a centuries-old tradition. Out of respect for his area’s emblematic native grape, he decides to make his first white table wine from Grillo, an austere, fine grape mostly unknown at the time and exclusively used in the making of traditional marsala wine.

Grappoli del Grillo: How and When
It pairs well with strong-flavored dishes. Amazing to taste it after 10 years of aging in bottle. Serve at 12-14 °C (54-57 °F).

The roots of Grillo: Grappoli del Grillo
Thanks to the use of modern winemaking techniques, this very ancient grape variety, whose origins date back to the 19th century, produces a complex, well-structured wine that ages beautifully.

100% Grillo
3,500 Grillo vines per hectare, originally planted in 1996 in Contrada Samperi, Marsala, and trained with the single Guyot system. The yields are of 6 tons per hectare, harvested in the first week of September. Rigorous manual selection of the clusters and soft pressing to obtain a must that will naturally decant under cool conditions for 48 hours. The limpid run starts fermenting with wild yests, at controlled temperature, in stainless steel vats. The process is then completed in French oak barrels to preserve the wine primary aromas and to enhance its bouquet during the aging period. 12 months in oak barrels of different sizes, on its own lees, stirred (bâtonnage in French) until its maturity. It ages beautifully in bottle.

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