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Marco De Bartoli. Evolving roots
A traditional method sparkling rosé that represents the tradition of an evolving territory, highlighting unexplored characteristics so far. French tradition with a strong Sicilian personality.

Terzavia Rosé: How and When.
Perfect with seafood appetizers, and also with main courses of duck and goose. Serve at 8 C° (46.4 F°)


Pignatello 100%
3,500 Pignatello vines per hectare, planted about 20 years ago in Western Sicily,  and trained with Guyot system. The yields are of 40 hectoliters per hectare, harvested starting the second-third week of Semptember. The clusters are manually selected and the grapes are chilled. A direct soft pressing of the whole clusters follows and, after a natural decanting of the must, fermentation starts in stainless steel at a controlled temperature (air conditioning). The fermentation is activated by wild yeasts (natural) and with a minimum use of sulfites  Tirage with fresh must, instead of sugar, added in such quantities as to dilute alcohol content and to add a quantity of (natural) sugar suitable to second fermentation. Sugar contribution does not exceed 15%. The base wine ages for 12 months in stainless steel vats on its lees. After tirage, at least 14 months in bottle always on its own lees. Pas dosé.

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