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Pantelleria and its passito wine. Unique aroma and charm
Marco spent years talking to the island’s elders and experts to understand how the grapes there, dried under the fierce sun, could turn into ‘nectar of the Gods’. He realized that only through unwavering attention to each vine could the sun-dried raisins yield this sweet wine, a legacy from Arab times. Bukkuram “Padre della Vigna” (Father of the vineyard) is the passito wine made only in the best vintages.

Bukkuram Padre della Vigna: How and When.
At the end of the meal as a dessert wine. Meditation wine with dark chocolate. Serve at 12-16 °C (54-61 °F).

The roots: Bukkuram Padre della Vigna
A perfect balance between structure, acidity and sweetness due to the ancient art of sun-drying.

100% Zibibbo
2,500 vines per hectare first planted between 1950 and 1970 in Bukkuram district, Pantelleria, on volcanic, terraced slopes, as low, free-standing bushes trained with the “vite ad alberello” system, declared by the UNESCO World Heritage agricultural practice on November 26th 2014. The yields are of 25 hectoliters per hectare, hand-picked from mid August to the first week of September. 50% of the grapes are dried in the sunlight, for a minimum of three weeks, over suitable mats and delimited by thick walls made of volcanic stone. The remaining grapes mature on the plant until September. Once the fermentation has started, the grapes previously dried are added to the base wine and left macerating during about three months, until a balance between alcohol content and residual sugar is achieved. At least 30 months og aging in French oak barrels of 225 l and 6 months in stainless steel vats.

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