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Pantelleria: a land that cannot be tamed
Each year the harvest reveals different sensations and potentials. In Pantelleria those are amplified. During the harvest, Marco De Bartoli often used to say that the essential ingredient for making his own passito was ‘the sun of August’, the month during which Zibibbo grapes are laid down for sun-drying. That is why Sole d’Agosto (the Sun of August) is the name given to the younger and lighter passito produced every year in Bukkuram’s vineyard.

Bukkuram Sole d’Agosto: How and When.
Perfect with seasonal fruit, cream filled treats and pastries, dark chocolate.
Serve at 12-16 °C (54-61 °F).

Ancient roots: Bukkuram ‘Sole d’Agosto’
The character of the sun-dried grapes allow us to portray a territory, with perfumes and flavors that only this magical island can express. This is a young, crisp and fruity passito, less complex and structured than the traditional Bukkuram Padre della Vigna, and able to infuse pleasant sensations.

100% Zibibbo
2,500 vines per hectare located in Bukkuram district, on terraced volcanic slopes, and trained as low, free-standing bushes trained with the “vite ad alberello” system, declared by the UNESCO World Heritage agricultural practice on November 26th 2014. The yields are of 4 tons per hectare. The harvest of a part of the grapes takes place from mid August to the first week of September, to start a sun-drying process of about 2 weeks, over suitable mats delimited by dry thick walls made of volcanic stones. 50% of the grapes are dried in the sunlight, for a minimum of two weeks. The remaining grapes mature on the vines until September, when they are pressed and the first run fermented with wild yeasts. Once the fermentation starts, the grapes previously sun-dried, and manually destemmed, are added to the base wine and left macerating during about three months, to bring colour,  sugar and aromas. The wine, after a short aging in oak barrels of minimum 6 months, is aged in stainless steel tanks and finally bottled.

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