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The restoration of the perpetual method

This Vecchio Samperi special reserve started its aging process in 1978, when Marco De Bartoli recovered the “perpetual” method at the Samperi’s baglio, to make the traditional wine of the area, locally called stravecchio (very old), from which marsala wine originated.

Vecchio Samperi Quarantennale: How and When

Don’t wait til the end of the meal to serve Vecchio Samperi, but drink it with aged cheeses, braised meats, oven-baked turbot, bottarga and oysters.
At room temperature or slightly chilled, interesting and amazing as an aperitif.

The roots: Vecchio Samperi

To make Vecchio Samperi Quarantennale, we use the traditional “perpetual” method, also known as Solera, that consists in adding new, fresher wines to barrels containing wines already aged. In order to celebrate the 40th anniversary from the foundation of the winery, we decided to bottle one of the very first reserves made by Marco De Bartoli, with an average aging of 40 years.

Grillo 100% 

3,500 Grillo vines per hectare, planted in the 70s in C.da Samperi, Marsala, in mostly limestone, level land, with sandy loam soil. The vines are trained with the ‘alberello’ or Guyot system. The yields are of 20 hectolitres per hectare, harvested the last days of September. The grapes are picked and selected manually, soft pressed, naturally decanted, and traditionally fermented at room temperature, in oak and chestnut barrels. Aging for an average of 40 years, using the traditional perpetual method

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