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Vecchio Samperi Quarantennale

Vecchio Samperi Quarantennale to celebrate the winery’s last milestone

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Imagine an evening having dinner at Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan, in the brand new restaurant of the Michelin starred Chef Carlo Cracco to celebrate the preview of our Vecchio Samperi Quarantennale. An event organized in collaboration with Amici di URI no profit association and dedicated to

a prestigious educational project that will allow our most promising young researchers to work for three years, learning in three prestigious international research centres, and then return as staff at IRCCS Ospedale San Raffaele, and finally contribute effectively to our work against the disease and for the patients.

But this is just the beginning. The evening is also an opportunity to celebrate the release of the 2013 vintage of Soldera Case Basse, Sangiovese 100%, in good company of its “father”, Gianfranco Soldera. Both wines, Vecchio Samperi Quarantennale and Soldera Case Basse, in magnum format, will be awarded to some lucky guest during the dinner.

There could be no better occasion and location, no better company to present our Vecchio Samperi Quarantennale in an exclusive preview and to begin this amazing way to celebrate the 40th anniversary from our winery’s foundation, in 1978. To have a look at the pictures of the event and to the menu created on purpose by Chef Cracco and his crew, click here.

This Vecchio Samperi special reserve started its aging process in 1978, when Marco De Bartoli recovered the “perpetual” method (also known as Solera system) at the Samperi’s baglio, to make the traditional wine of the area, locally called stravecchio (very old), from which marsala wine originated.

For this purpose, he used old wines aged in barrels being already stored at the baglio, and to which, every year, he added the wines he made with overripe Grillo grapes.  Thanks to this process, he obtained a wine naturally rich in alcohol. Marco, during the years, according to the traditional Solera system, made some reserves, taking the wine from the lower level, and transferring it into single oak casks.

In order to celebrate the 40th anniversary from the foundation of the winery, we decided to bottle one of the very first reserves he made, with an average aging of 40 years. It is a reserve that naturally reached almost 18% alcohol by volume, while maintaining the aroma and the unmistakable oxidative style featured in all the different editions of our Vecchio Samperi.

It is a wine expressing the great power of the warm limestone territories of our district, and of the personality of the man who made it and, even nowadays, who makes us feel loud and clear his presence through its wines.

The label features an image created in 1983 by Professor Carlo Lauricella, designed for an advertising on the magazine Sicilia motori, the same artist who, in 1980, created the very first Vecchio Samperi’s label. His creativity contributed greatly to the visual personality of the winery.

To discover the technical sheet and the image of both label and bottle (all of them downloadable), please click on the single item.

Photo courtesy © 2018 Fabio Barbera

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